the Focus is on the goal


the Goal is to be – Focused!





If I could give my birthday a title or a name, it would be Memories Unlimited. Thanks for giving me beautiful memories that I am going to cherish for a lifetime.

The best thing about my new age is that, there are no debts to repay; otherwise, I’m sure I’d be in the hole with you because millions of people like you couldn’t miss my birthday.

Thanks for the truckloads of your warm wishes. Friends and families like you are people I can always depend on. How did I get so lucky to have a friend like you? I’ve always felt so loved and appreciated by you.

 Thanks for sticking by me even on my birthday. You make me pity the people who don’t celebrate birthdays. I’m sure their lives must be void of gems like you.

Cheers buddy!

Glorious Birthday


It’s been decades now and I’m thankful to God for making me see this day. He alone deserves my praise. And as I graciously celebrate my new age today, I pray not for myself but for the souls God has entreated to me. I pray for those souls I have already crossed path with and the ones I’m yet to meet. Use me as a vessel to bless my generation and the generations yet to come.

Let there be a release of your favor in their lives. May these souls see and declare how great you are. As you preserve my life, may you preserve their lives too. It’s my prayer that, as I enter this new season, there will be an awesome newer revelation of me. This is all I seek for, oh Lord.

I also pray for everyone who will take time off their busy schedules just to wish me well. May the unfailing love of God never waver in your lives. As the Lord blesses me, so shall you be blessed too. May God fortifies your lives with immeasurable blessings.

Bless my soul glorious Jesus, it’s indeed a glorious day for me. It’s my birthday. It’s a wrap. It’s a new beginning.

Happy glorious birthday to me!




Our prime purpose in this life

is to help others

And if we can’t help them,

at least let’s not hurt them.

This is not to belittle your belief

but if you think I’m wrong,

do educate me a lot more further.


NB: Italic words are borrowed. This is a copyright version.



This month is essentially critical

because every bit of it

is practically crucial to me

September always gets me alive

cos it’s my birth month.

Happy famous month to you all