The desire goes roguish,

dream becomes squeamish


Thud plans go thuggish

ideas turn prudish

leaving goals undefined


Daring becomes sluggish

Achievement is delayed;

due to slothful planning



Today’s prompt is on Evoke and so I thought of sharing a poem written by Sara VanderMeer. Came across it two months ago and it invoked my writing passion. Take a read, I know you will be inspired too.


Evoke emotion, make me cry

Anything to make me respond

For I’m comatose

With a yearning to feel, to move


Evoke inspiration, make me feel

Anything to have me write

To writhe with inspired words

Pouring from my mind, unto paper


Evoke love, make me stupid

Anything to make me fall

Passion flowing through these veins

A snake of deceit and contentment


Evoke in me anything

Response, feeling, falling, coldness

Make me human

Before this animal takes over.

NB: These words are not my words. It was written by Sara VanderMeer on July, 2011.