For your children/child to succeed in this cruel world, you must teach them How to think and not What to think.

Better is a day with a great teacher than thousand days of diligent study. Better is a faint ink than the sharpest brain. Parents, be teachers when your children are home and prayer anchors when they are out there in the world (outside home).

You have no idea the kind of things they face outside home. I have been in the cold for years, I know what I’m talking about. Just a handful of us are blessed to be saved. Yours might not be as lucky as some of us were.

Dear Parents, your children need you more than you can ever imagine. It’s never too late, start Now! Let’s teach them in the way they should go and when they grow, they will not depart from it.

I’m high for a Generation that knows Christ and their purpose. Always high for such a Generation. Join the train before Shock takes you by Surprise. We need this!

NB: Italic words are borrowed words from Gabriel Ofori Yeboah.

#BeYourChildrenTeacher #BeTheirPrayerPartner


To the strong out there,

May we know them

May we raise them

May we be one of them

May we together change the changeable

Above all, may we be the #bosschic in our regime to come.


Happy International Women’s Day to all fellow women out there.

I bet we’d be women a thousand times!


Photo Credit: wonder woman


Tomorrow is when we’ll be save,

from the struggles in this harsh and hostile world

A world where efforts are smashed by fellow beings

A realm where the strong devour the rules

and everything new turns bad


A world where curiosity is pitiless

and dreams swallowed by the powerful in society

Basically, anything amazing is ruthless in this world

No one said survival is fun

just that, nothing is perfect in this world


Welcome to our world

A world that’s about to come to an end

A world that will soon explode in our very hands

Something we blatantly fail to believe


Little by little, our last moments will freeze into terror

And bidding farewell will be of no use

In our bitty natty ashes we’ll wonder where our final destination will be

The destination if not now, is Tomorrow


Tomorrow, is our last chance of repentance

Tomorrow is a place of peace, unity and brotherly kindness

A place not like today or yesterday

A place where love is real and pure

A place where light outshines darkness

Tomorrow, that’s when we’ll be save – it’s called the Future!