My most notable act

is the softness of my heart

or the art in my portrait

one that can be seen in this photo

and thus, the artistic nature of my being!





Women’s Libber!

Sacrificial Chain Breaker

The most NOTABLE thing about me depends on who you ask.

To the world I am a servant. Serving my husband, my kids, everyone but myself.

To them I am a maid, cleaning up after everyone else’s messes. Leaving no time for my own messes.

To them I am a chef. Always having to figure out what’s for dinner? Meanwhile, no one ever cooks for me.

I am also a taxi, carting one or the other to and fro. Never seeing a dime of that fare.

To them I am a toy. Only to be taken out and played with at his discretion. Only there for his pleasure.

To the world my most Notable quality is my ability to disappear. To be seen and not heard, I think that’s their motto.

All because, I am just a woman!

But, if you ask me what is most NOTABLE about me. Then…

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It is a fool’s plan to teach a man to be a cur in peace,

and think that he will be a lion in war.

Credit: The White Company Arthur Conan Doyle 



A common dream is what we all own

yet, it turns a crime (disturbance) when a leader fails in his line of duty

and once there’s chaos,

there’s disruption

How long are we going to throw weight on each other’s back?

Aren’t all supposed to be athletes in the same race?

Being a common floor member

or citizen doesn’t mean you’re in a different race.

We’re all in this together,

let nothing disrupt anyone for the vision to be disrupted.






Just like the nice aroma of a pot of broth speaks for itself,
So is a mug of hot chocolate without a froth
Or a glass of beer without a froth on top of stout
Question is, can politicians ever walk majestically with a wroth?
Or read a manifesto with any line of troth?
No, they’ll dance to the tune of apocalyptic lyrics in a goth style