Sometimes we act less than perfect
We get mad and yell at the least provocation
Sometimes we pout
We throw stuff beneath beds or buses
Or argue long beyond the point of common sense

Oops,  we even tend to throw chairs around or kick tables in just a glance
Okay, maybe you don’t go that far
I don’t either, but I do flag out of anger most of the time.

If you have ever behaved less than professional, chances may be that,
you either felt bad about it later or you don’t.

My advice here is,
learn from your mistakes and allow things to slide away. And if you’re struggling to do so, console yourself with the fact that some people, I mean some very successful people have done much worse things than you.

Try and move on by improving upon your temper because, having a quick temper isn’t a good thing at all. It can destroy you when u least expect. It could be a weakness but you can work around it if you want too.

Do have a lovely day folks!

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