A Prayer From The Lips Of A Babe For All Fathers!

Bless us Father!
Bless our Fathers more!
They’ve done well since
We squalled as a newborns in their arms.
They’ve nutured,
They’ve provided us
With shelter,
Protection and friendship.
They’ve shown compassion when we go awry
Strength when we frail
Tender understanding when learning is slow
And righteous rage when we get naughty.

They would bend their knees,
And pray!
They prays for
Health and
On their children, First
Then themselves.

Bless us Father! But
Bless All Fathers
Of every Race
And Tribe
And Color
And Profession
Young and Old
Rich or Poor
Struggling Single Fathers
Soulful Step Fathers
Faithful Foster Fathers…
Hardworking fathers
Everyone of them who
And keep true friendship alive
With their prodigy,
Whose intentional parenting
May not always seem rewarding;
But keep at still.
Bless their unseen tears, dear Lord.
Strengthen their weary hearts
Make strong their feeble feets
And grant grace to
Watch their seedlings grow into oak

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Written by Chinny Onyemeh for the African Aviation Group. Copyright Protected.