That, she’s bold

that, she’s vocal

that, she speaks her mind

that, she’s brave


That, she’s confident

that, she tries to defends her course

that she likes to speak candidly

that, she hates to be sabotaged


That, she doesn’t like to accept defeat

that, she’s firm

that, she believes in herself

that, she expresses herself with ease


That she’s being herself

that, she shuns pretenders

that, she hates mediocrity

Because of all these,

you call her Rude?

Is this really her Crime?


It seems no one can no longer

expresses him/herself without

being tagged as being rude

May God open our eyes

to see the people who are for us.


Life is too short

The world we’re living in is too big

But God’s love is too great to live ordinary.