I am my own superhero. I barely ask for support from others. Picking up the pieces of life is something I’m honestly good at. It comes with ease and handy. Talk of an independent woman and I’ll be your host. I give things my best shot. Everything I do gets my 100% attention. If I cannot finish, I don’t start at all.

I know what I want in life. Having the guts to take risks in order to find success is what I’m best at. All the same, I cherish honesty and vulnerability too. I believe that, I need to be frank with my strengths and weaknesses and be willing to confront those weaknesses whenever there’s the need to do so. And in order to be real, I need to be honest at all times.

The other interesting thing about me is that, I am a very intense person. I can be hot and cold. Calm and hype. Easy and stringent. I can love hard, live hard, play hard, cry a lot, laugh loud and work hard. Everything about me is intense irrespective of what it is.

I also know my worth and I expect that, whoever I bring to myself  should know their worth too. Telling you what to do has never been on my to-do list. Don’t know why, but I just have little tolerance for dumb folks. I respect people and demand respect back. I live my life making sure that, I don’t cross people’s path or cross my limit.

Funnily too, I can read people’s intentions or mind very well even from afar. I can spot a bullshit from a distance. When something isn’t right, I know and it doesn’t take me too long to figure out a lie. From a biblical perspective, I’m gifted with a spirit of discernment.

And from a closer outlook, I’m very good with intimacy. I take very good care of everything that’s close to me. Hardly will you see me bend relationship. I keep my loyalty intact.

Last but not the least, I challenge myself and also encourage others to be their best selves. If there’s anything to vault on, I do so for that one proving ground that only opens onto the next. And I’m never a friend to the lazy because we don’t relate well. Reason being that, we don’t speak the same language. Once I can get the job done, you must as well give it a try too. I don’t really care much about the “how” factor. Just put in an effort, and we can get rolling.

Finally, I love God (so much) and children a lot. Obeying God’s Word is my earthly mandate and I try to live it though not so perfect at it but I try my best. Showing love to everyone especially, children, mothers, the needy and the elderly is my greatest joy.

This is me in person.