7 Replies to “RED VELVET”

      1. SMiLes My Friend
        Rimah.. Sadly Where i
        Live This Place is Filled
        With Takers more
        Than Givers…
        It is those
        Who Give
        Freely Now
        Without Restraint
        Who are Naturally
        Blessed With
        And So
        Inspired as
        A Never Ending
        Always Starting
        Practice of Life
        to give even
        When i retired
        i transferred all
        The Money
        Then And
        Stuff to
        My Wife hehe
        So she gets to
        Inherit it all
        i pass away…
        With Empty
        Pockets all
        i have is
        A Dance
        And Song
        to Give.. Enough
        For me whether or
        Not it is received…
        The Human touch
        Is often lost
        The Colors
        Of Money when
        i find a Human
        With that
        Touch not
        Only am i
        Their Friend
        They are a FRiEnD
        to me.. how blessed
        Are We Simply
        For Giving
        Thanks Giving..:)

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      2. Hahaha, she must be the luckiest woman on planet earth. And yes, giving is divine. Everyone must learn to give freely. God bless you for your kind heart and don’t you ever change.

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      3. Hehe.. Thanks for the
        Stellar Comment Rimah
        My Love Tends to
        Overwhelm my
        Wife she Tells
        Me Hush
        TeLL iT
        On a Mountain
        As i interrupt
        Her TV Show…
        The 21st of this
        Month is our
        30th Anniversary…
        The Secret to
        Is Yes Dear
        To All Her
        So i did what
        She asked With
        7.7 MiLLioN
        Words of
        Epic Long
        Form Poem Spirit
        Inspired Writing
        Spread around
        The Globe for Free
        And 12,717 Miles
        Of Moving Meditative
        Spirit Filled Public
        Dance Farther Now
        Than Half the Distance
        Around The Equator..
        So God Yes.. Her
        Wish Is my Every
        Command.. 77
        Months So
        Her ASSiGNeD
        Task and it is No Joke…
        God Bless you too
        If i remember
        Correctly From Africa…
        Never the Less
        Of Woman..:)

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