Bio: I am an avid writer and a lad of life. In quantum distance, I sigh words that are tinted with the emotions of my thoughts. My existence is based on art, where I bridge writing with acting. It is the magic that gives me the space to meander my thoughts and natural gifting through the whips of life. And if you dare ask when last I ink down words, be sure I would say Now! Words are my happy pills, they knock me -out, fix me-up and maybe travel down my heart when penned. Simply put, I write into an oblivion and act with passion. I am a woman made of man. I am an acquired taste of poetry preference. The writer in me is my doom. I am my Papa's doom by birth and right now, I want to write!

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      1. Yes I believe our paths have connected us for a reason…same to you peace ,lets keep the lines of communication open.In April, there is The 30 days of Poetry Month(NaPoWriMo) wordpress will facilitate, I invite you to join,as I will participate alongside thousands. As you encourage me, lets give the world our words..Peace again..and thankyou for become my friend…

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  1. Hello my friend I invite you join Love in Ten Sentences… Where you write Love is my… (10 sentences )
    Start the march by spreading love. Here I have a task nomination for you.. Feel free to accept or otherwise.. 🙂

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