“New love is the brightest, and long love is the greatest, but revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth” – Thomas Hardy




Who says you are not allowed to feel feminine

Yes, you are but not at the expense of your husband’s libido

Once the cathedral is Legal, that means he owns it

and yes, in its totality


Woman, that’s his kingdom

Understand this basic alignment

Your marriage life rose from dirt to where it is now

Don’t permit any external factors to carry your throne

Or allow it to set fire to the sky and watch it burn down


Your womanhood is a ceremony basilica to your spouse

and you got nothing but crown it up

Give him sequels every time he opens the cathedral

Sex is not a “clean up” job

It’s a desperately realm that needs to feel the arms of a loving spouse


Halt being a robotic wife whose effort is to keep her spouse in an emotional cubical

Women, let’s avoid making our husbands long for physical closeness;

all in the name of shared-wickedness or punishment

For our womanhood is their legal cathedral

A courtesy call to their royal kingdom

Stop this sex starve slump now!


Credit: Jon Bellion, Michele Weiner Davis




That, she’s bold

that, she’s vocal

that, she speaks her mind

that, she’s brave


That, she’s confident

that, she tries to defends her course

that she likes to speak candidly

that, she hates to be sabotaged


That, she doesn’t like to accept defeat

that, she’s firm

that, she believes in herself

that, she expresses herself with ease


That she’s being herself

that, she shuns pretenders

that, she hates mediocrity

Because of all these,

you call her Rude?

Is this really her Crime?


It seems no one can no longer

expresses him/herself without

being tagged as being rude

May God open our eyes

to see the people who are for us.


Life is too short

The world we’re living in is too big

But God’s love is too great to live ordinary.




A Prayer From The Lips Of A Babe For All Fathers!

Bless us Father!
Bless our Fathers more!
They’ve done well since
We squalled as a newborns in their arms.
They’ve nutured,
They’ve provided us
With shelter,
Protection and friendship.
They’ve shown compassion when we go awry
Strength when we frail
Tender understanding when learning is slow
And righteous rage when we get naughty.

They would bend their knees,
And pray!
They prays for
Health and
On their children, First
Then themselves.

Bless us Father! But
Bless All Fathers
Of every Race
And Tribe
And Color
And Profession
Young and Old
Rich or Poor
Struggling Single Fathers
Soulful Step Fathers
Faithful Foster Fathers…
Hardworking fathers
Everyone of them who
And keep true friendship alive
With their prodigy,
Whose intentional parenting
May not always seem rewarding;
But keep at still.
Bless their unseen tears, dear Lord.
Strengthen their weary hearts
Make strong their feeble feets
And grant grace to
Watch their seedlings grow into oak

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Written by Chinny Onyemeh for the African Aviation Group. Copyright Protected.


Sometimes we act less than perfect
We get mad and yell at the least provocation
Sometimes we pout
We throw stuff beneath beds or buses
Or argue long beyond the point of common sense

Oops,  we even tend to throw chairs around or kick tables in just a glance
Okay, maybe you don’t go that far
I don’t either, but I do flag out of anger most of the time.

If you have ever behaved less than professional, chances may be that,
you either felt bad about it later or you don’t.

My advice here is,
learn from your mistakes and allow things to slide away. And if you’re struggling to do so, console yourself with the fact that some people, I mean some very successful people have done much worse things than you.

Try and move on by improving upon your temper because, having a quick temper isn’t a good thing at all. It can destroy you when u least expect. It could be a weakness but you can work around it if you want too.

Do have a lovely day folks!