2018 has been a backdrop of a very calm yet, fully packed year for me and my family. A year that manage to keep pressures under moderation, which also hauled a heavy losses on other relatives from some unfortunate instances.

Despite this, my underwriting gratitude to God can’t upheld the fact that, the Almighty has been gracious to me and my family, showing His goodness in mitigating exposure.

There is still plenty to be achieved in the evolution of 2019. And as we end one, we are also being ushered into another with great expectations, enthusiasm and I see next year lined up with many successes and great achievements.

So at this point, I desire to take this opportunity to wish you and your families’ joy, warm memories and peace. And till we see each other in 2019, do well to be thankful for what you have, and remember to embrace your loved ones and be grateful for the feeling of having them around and close.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, filled with success, happiness and good health.


Eventually, I gathered courage to read this book last night and guess what, I sobbed all night. Sleeping was far from fetched but God ultimately gave me sleep.

Even with that, I woke up this morning to this hallucination called “Reality”. Truly, this life is not our own. For all the things we have to be thankful for, good health should be one of them because it’s key.

And like Herophilus stated, when “Health” is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied. Even family becomes helpless.

The family did all they could, Nicole on the other hand fought all she could, even her faith in God was tested at every step of her treatment, so much that, she learned to give thanks for both the good and odd moments. Her story is proof that, God is indeed, the final say.

Trust me if I say this, Nicole shouldn’t have died after all she’s been through. The least compensation she could have gotten was the gift of life (a second chance to life). But like the book of Proverbs rightly puts it, man proposes but God disposes.

God did what He thought was right, we can only be thankful. We thank God for her 14years of life and pray He keeps us (the living) in good health always.

Lesson learned: Anytime you pray, ask for forgiveness of sin and also for a good health. For there’s more to life than we know.

Credit: Wesoamo Child Cancer Foundation by Nicole Wesoamo Pwamang


I never had support

but I learned to support myself and others

I have a lot going against me

but I still strive to reach out to others, regardless


I have plenty excuses to give

but again,

I choose not to use any of them

Do you know why?

I will tell you


Because I differ to choose “Humanity” over “Greed”

Wanna know what describes me?

Well, this is what defines me as a person – Humanity


What is your cherry-pick?


Please share your cherry-pick in the comment box below. Also let me know what you think about this write-up, thanks.


I wonder why I can’t find my feet when I thought they are firm enough

I wonder why I can’t run fast in my dreams

I wonder why I feel short when I know my ideas are tall


Still, I wonder why I can’t find my voice in my hallucination

when I thought I did scream loud enough

Well, I guess if I don’t fail, I wouldn’t need grace


Again, I wonder why they say hate your brother

and hide the gold

I guess if we knew tomorrow, we wouldn’t need assurance

Maybe I don’t know

Yeah, maybe I don’t know

But maybe, that’s okay.


All these brouhaha, I just can’t explain

But maybe that’s okay

Maybe that’s okay.


Credit: Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

Copyright Version




When there’s no enemy within,

the enemies outside cannot harm you

And if you close your eyes on facts,

chances are,

you either learn through accidents

or live with lies

For you learn how to cut down trees

by cutting them down



It’s a Must Read


https://patrickrealstories.files.wordpress.comI look at successful billionaires and always ask this question, what did they do different?
How did they achieve this much success and money? People usually say “It all destiny, they were lucky”. I could take any answer for my questions, but not when destiny is involved.

I am a strong believer that everyone makes their own destiny, from a beggar on the street to the president of a country. Everyone sees the end result, but no one sees the effort that has gone behind that success.

Did these successful people had it easy?

Nope I don’t think so. So what it is that differentiate them from the rest of us?

Also, what is it that we can do to at least start to be like them?

1. You are your own limit – Yes, you can have everything you want in life, if you don’t put limitations in your brain.

LT-your-own-limit-01-300x300 (2)2. You…

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