I never had support

but I learned to support myself and others

I have a lot going against me

but I still strive to reach out to others, regardless


I have plenty excuses to give

but again,

I choose not to use any of them

Do you know why?

I will tell you


Because I differ to choose “Humanity” over “Greed”

Wanna know what describes me?

Well, this is what defines me as a person – Humanity


What is your cherry-pick?


Please share your cherry-pick in the comment box below. Also let me know what you think about this write-up, thanks.


I wonder why I can’t find my feet when I thought they are firm enough

I wonder why I can’t run fast in my dreams

I wonder why I feel short when I know my ideas are tall


Still, I wonder why I can’t find my voice in my hallucination

when I thought I did scream loud enough

Well, I guess if I don’t fail, I wouldn’t need grace


Again, I wonder why they say hate your brother

and hide the gold

I guess if we knew tomorrow, we wouldn’t need assurance

Maybe I don’t know

Yeah, maybe I don’t know

But maybe, that’s okay.


All these brouhaha, I just can’t explain

But maybe that’s okay

Maybe that’s okay.


Credit: Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

Copyright Version




When there’s no enemy within,

the enemies outside cannot harm you

And if you close your eyes on facts,

chances are,

you either learn through accidents

or live with lies

For you learn how to cut down trees

by cutting them down



It’s a Must Read


https://patrickrealstories.files.wordpress.comI look at successful billionaires and always ask this question, what did they do different?
How did they achieve this much success and money? People usually say “It all destiny, they were lucky”. I could take any answer for my questions, but not when destiny is involved.

I am a strong believer that everyone makes their own destiny, from a beggar on the street to the president of a country. Everyone sees the end result, but no one sees the effort that has gone behind that success.

Did these successful people had it easy?

Nope I don’t think so. So what it is that differentiate them from the rest of us?

Also, what is it that we can do to at least start to be like them?

1. You are your own limit – Yes, you can have everything you want in life, if you don’t put limitations in your brain.

LT-your-own-limit-01-300x300 (2)2. You…

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Today would have been your 34th birthday. Surely, I would have buzz you and seek redress for all the past goodies (gist), one that you called “The Annually Buzz”. Obviously, this would have tinkled your hidden feminine voice that says, “Rita only calls on my birthdays”, you would whisper it through the phone reluctantly.

But today looks Lackluster, the kind that is as a result of death. Also the kind that doesn’t allow the living to commune with the dead. This pace doesn’t appear pleasant but what can we do? What can we do to restore this lost? Nothing, absolutely, nothing!

It’s still your day anyway, boss it up wherever you may be, as we keep memories in distance unseen. And as we progress in life, may we find courage to muster your demise. Happy birthday, Sid.


Rest on buddy, rest on!



“New love is the brightest, and long love is the greatest, but revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth” – Thomas Hardy




Who says you are not allowed to feel feminine

Yes, you are but not at the expense of your husband’s libido

Once the cathedral is Legal, that means he owns it

and yes, in its totality


Woman, that’s his kingdom

Understand this basic alignment

Your marriage life rose from dirt to where it is now

Don’t permit any external factors to carry your throne

Or allow it to set fire to the sky and watch it burn down


Your womanhood is a ceremony basilica to your spouse

and you got nothing but crown it up

Give him sequels every time he opens the cathedral

Sex is not a “clean up” job

It’s a desperately realm that needs to feel the arms of a loving spouse


Halt being a robotic wife whose effort is to keep her spouse in an emotional cubical

Women, let’s avoid making our husbands long for physical closeness;

all in the name of shared-wickedness or punishment

For our womanhood is their legal cathedral

A courtesy call to their royal kingdom

Stop this sex starve slump now!


Credit: Jon Bellion, Michele Weiner Davis