Glorious Birthday


It’s been decades now and I’m thankful to God for making me see this day. He alone deserves my praise. And as graciously celebrate my new age today, I pray not for myself but for the souls God has entreated to me. I pray for those souls I have already crossed path with and the ones I’m yet to meet. Use me as a vessel to bless my generation and the generations yet to come.

Let there be a release of your favor in their lives. May these souls see and declare how great you are. As you preserve my life, may you preserve their lives as well. I pray as I enter this new season, let there be an awesome newer revelation of you. This is all I seek for, oh Lord.

I also pray for everyone who will take time off their busy schedules just to wish me well. May your unfailing love never waver in their lives. As you bless me, bless them too. May you fortify their lives with immeasurable blessings.

Bless my soul glorious Jesus, it’s indeed a glorious day for me. It’s my birthday. It’s a wrap. It’s a new beginning.

Happy glorious birthday to me!





Our prime purpose in this life

is to help others

And if we can’t help them,

at least let’s not hurt them.

This is not to belittle your belief

but if you think I’m wrong,

do educate me a lot more further.


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I didn’t know there’s so much

liberty and peace in the Lord

until I synchronized with Him

The endurance is real

almost mummified

but the connection is overwhelming.



Glaring Dare

Worth reblogging. Nice one there.

Na'ama Yehuda

SummerHaze DvoraFreedmanPhoto: Dvora Freedman

In the midst of what glares

Too-hot stares

Reckless dares


Find a moment to spare

Take a breath, be aware

Of the beauty

The air

And the hope

That we share

If we care

To embrace all that’s there

And declare

No despair

As we pledge

No warfare

And instead

Seek repair.

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Verily, at this point,

life is giving me a glare of contentment

of which I dazzle with awe


I guess now, all I should do is

narrow my eyes towards the beam of the sun

where I could say thank you to Abba and all sundry

It’s the easiest way for me to keep tabs with all.