All we do is think about

the feelings we hide inside

Are we ever going to survive with this burden?


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Deep inside

where nothing’s fine,

I’ve lost my mind


Love has catapult me into his arms

but it’s okay

I’ll let him keep it

In response to today’s one-word prompt – The Daily Post



It’s all very well to tell people not to be afraid, but how?

You can’t just step on fright’s oxygen pipe and hope it goes away

There is nothing irrational about fear and panic


I look into the future;

a future of void and insecurity and I am afraid

No one has the singular right to tell me not to be frightened


Especially when I am doing all I can and nothing seems to be working

Even if I try not to panic, it doesn’t always go away,

Particularly when my dream remains notoriously unshaken

Some concepts are just notorious to achieve.


This is in response to today’s Prompt – NOTORIOUS on The Daily Post.