“New love is the brightest, and long love is the greatest, but revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth” – Thomas Hardy




Who says you are not allowed to feel feminine

Yes, you are but not at the expense of your husband’s libido

Once the cathedral is Legal, that means he owns it

and yes, in its totality


Woman, that’s his kingdom

Understand this basic alignment

Your marriage life rose from dirt to where it is now

Don’t permit any external factors to carry your throne

Or allow it to set fire to the sky and watch it burn down


Your womanhood is a ceremony basilica to your spouse

and you got nothing but crown it up

Give him sequels every time he opens the cathedral

Sex is not a “clean up” job

It’s a desperately realm that needs to feel the arms of a loving spouse


Halt being a robotic wife whose effort is to keep her spouse in an emotional cubical

Women, let’s avoid making our husbands long for physical closeness;

all in the name of shared-wickedness or punishment

For our womanhood is their legal cathedral

A courtesy call to their royal kingdom

Stop this sex starve slump now!


Credit: Jon Bellion, Michele Weiner Davis




Circumstances they say has no preference

that’s why some of us don’t just go through life

but allow it to penetrate through us


Life has a way of treating us

Sometimes, our destinies are covered with woes

To some of us, there are some weapons we still don’t know how to use

Like the one for the heart


But on the brink of wickedness

I will take no chance instead, steal that power

I could forgive you of all your fussy torture

But a face like yours belongs to the zoo

Don’t worry, I will be there too

Not in the cage though, but beside your pen laughing at you


For I have no knowledge of your fecklessness in your venomous wickedness

I have tasted agony; I could still see the malign in your eyes

I see the smiles that’s locked inside which I cannot connect

And I can also see the pain in my weak eyes

Many times in fact, I know the bumps and resonances

But soon one day I know, my heart will respite

And on that day, I’ll be counted as just another victim




Life is indeed an irony

Its twists and turns sets the chronicles of one’s perception about life

This intend makes it credibly ironical

One doesn’t know who people really are anymore

Love is spiced with hidden hatred and hatred garnished with skeptical love

Who are we deceiving, God or our very selves?


Ties that bind….
wrongly tied
Or it is one of those tough starts that lead to perfect ends?
How far should I persist?
Or when and how long do I have to keep letting go?
Answers, Lord; Answers!

My constant tears,
those childish fears,
the good and bitter fighting’s
the give it all another try
It’s hard to deal with these turning tables
It’s easier said than done
I did not listen to those fables
Cracks of pains
It’s getting tough on me now Continue reading “MURDERED LOVE”


In the mist of the widening gyre
the falconer cannot be tamed
worlds apart, the anguish cannot be hold;
mere anarchy is loosed upon my tongue
the dignity of a chaste girl is drowned
surely, some calamity is at hand;
u will live……yes,
u will live so long
to face the wages of lust
cries- the desert sand;
Why must u defile a woman because of lust?
for making me carry your burden of misconduct;
u shall see your destiny but u will not behold it
let not my words sound as though I have water in my mouth

For out of that one treacherous act;
a seed was made………
one which couldn’t stand the space of time
that which was cut off so swiftly
the indignant desert bird just couldn’t found its origin
or trace its linage;
and on that same fateful moony day, I recall……….
a curse was spelt;
for the cradle of it still rocks in my brain distillery
and for every dream u crushed
on the purity of that miserable pruned soul;
may a prize be rewarded to u for the defilement of lust
hardly are these words out;
yeh, let no such sin go unpunished
such despicable…corruptible…contemptible impediment
must receive a sanction as retribution for transgression
and as the hem of my heart sigh in pain,
so shall my cough be heard with great intensity

Such arrogance, so unforgettable!
this may be her past but to preach to the present
is what she chose to embrace
what more is there to live for?
she probes;
And at the nexus of her distress, she aired her last punching words….
in default codes, she bitterly exclaimed;
u will……………yes, u will never know peace
for causing me so much pain, let no stone in your life be left unturned
but just in the mist of pitiless glare;
a tin soft voice flapped through her auditory ear
like a force majeure;
it murmura(French translation of whispered)
why send yourself on a guilt trip?
why cut what u can untie?
take your emotions and pain into your hands
instead of anxiety, let hope be built

Suddenly, a relief of calmness meander through her marrow bones
falling to her knees, she made a confession
I am too tired to stand…..too tired to cry……too fired to fight
no more will I run into my past
for it will only mar the illusion of going back into time to change the outcome;
this is the hour to block the pain, embrace the shame
and accept it as part of the journey to one’s destiny
flashes of sorrows, guilt, fears…all bottled inside
tis’ time to fall beneath the cross of Freedom
for someday, the sun will die and everything on earth will freeze
To this effect, I hold back my words………all of it.

Once be defiled? Let go of the pain- “one could do worse than be a swinger of birches” says, Robert Frost in blessed memories! Before, life can be so empty for me when I wake up knowing I have nothing to look forward to. At a point, I felt very depressed, stressed and my life was at a standstill. But when Christ became the center of my life, I breath the second coming of hope. It will pay u nothing to lose but everything to gain if u learn to let go. Forgiveness, they say, frees the soul and leaves it at peace. Be Challenged! Be Motivated! Be Inspired! It’s my prayer that, this poem will find a way to talk to your heart. With faith in God and dust on my feet, I journey the writer’s path!

367_Dream Of Despair_Jackie


There were times;
times when the chest never gets frozen
But at this juncture
The chest is perforated;
with cold Emotions,
Of which it is long overdue
State of the mind on pause
Flapping goodbyes to acquaintances
The heart is on exile!

Again, chest couldn’t make it through the milky way
Hopes dashed’
Emotions tested once more;
Still…chest couldn’t sail across the sun
Heart on exile!

Soul exclaims!
The chest have had enough;
the time has come for
the heart to tell how it has
defiled the joys of love
And the broken bond of togetherness

Trust for humanity has wreak
the soul of amendments;
forgetting that the world still moves in circles
So I snapped, panted and swore
That, the love of the heart,
Be exile

Emmm…, emmmm,…, emmmm
I pray thee Abba; do not let this heart go on exile;
Else, shoes will be tied, panties zipped
and trees zapped for good
But into your hands I commit my soul
I have reached; reached the end of my scope!